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Pass the Tennessee Wild Act!

Please join co-sponsor Sen. Lamar Alexander in a salute to our wild heritage!

Tennessee Wild 2013 Fall Outings Schedule

Please join Tennessee Wild this fall, as we explore eastern Tennessee through a series of hikes and activities ranging from a hike of the Cumberland Trail to viewing Sand Hill Cranes.  Please join us!  If you have any questions contact Pat Byington, at Pat@wildsouth.org .

Here is the Tennessee Wild Fall Calendar

TN Wild Bear Awareness Program and Family Hike - This Saturday Oct. 26 at Outdoor Chattanooga

Tennessee WIld outings leader Erin Ouzts Durant spent this past summer as a seasonal ranger in Glacier National Park. Glacier is home to healthy populations of both Black Bear & Grizzly Bear. 

Here in Tennessee, our Black Bear population is expanding, and as a result, bears are populating areas where they haven't been seen in decades.  This program seeks to educate attendees about bears, and how to conduct yourself when hiking in bear country. 

Why does the Tennessee Wilderness Act have so much support?

Over the past 5+ years, I have traveled across and up and down the State of Tennessee talking to people about wilderness in the Cherokee National Forest. With the recent reintroduction of the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013 (S. 1294) in the United States Senate by Senators Lamar Alexander & Bob Corker, I have been reflecting on the depth & breadth of support for this legislation. 

While politics in America is as polarized as I have ever seen, wilderness in Tennessee is our common ground. We have Democrats, Republicans & Independents who support the bill, along with lots of folks who want nothing to do with politics. I've talked to parents & grandparents concerned about their children and grandchildren's future, hoping that they will someday have opportunities to experience their natural inheritance. We have fisherman, hunters, backpackers, hikers, artists, pastors, photographers, water utilities, birders, botanists, county mayors and more who support the bill. We also have scores of businesses who support the bill including outfitters, rafting companies, gun shops, delis, bakeries, and more. Dozens of non-profit groups support the bill including advocates for clean water, open space, paddlers, hikers, and a sustainable environment & economy. Yes, a healthy economy & environment are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand in hand.

Amazing dew drawing raises awareness about wilderness protection effort in Tennessee

As thousands of Tennesseans await reintroduction of the Tennessee Wilderness Act by Senator Lamar Alexander, Tennessee Wild is raising awareness about this important bill with an amazing piece of art created by local artist Hollie Berry.  For the past year, Berry has been drawing what she calls "DEW"dles in the wet grass in Coolidge Park in downtown Chattanooga.

Through the use of time lapse photography employed by Chattanooga based video company Fancy Rhino, and aided by beautiful footage from videographer David Madison, Tennessee Wild has captured Berry performing her magic... with a message! Checkout Hollie drawing an amazingly realistic Blue Ridge Two-Lined Salamander in the morning dew. Afterward, please take action to support the Tennessee Wilderness Act.

Earth Day 2013: Take Action for Tennessee WIlderness

To celebrate Earth Day 2013, Tennessee Wild will be participating in a series of festivals around the state. Staffed primarily by volunteers, the Tennessee Wild displays will feature information about the Tennessee Wilderness Act; a federal bill that upon passage will permanently protect 19,558 acres of the Cherokee National Forest as federal wilderness.

Pew Environment Group urges passage of Tennessee Wilderness Act

Today, our parters at the Pew Environment Group released a new video urging Americans to ask Congress to pass the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2011. With less than 3 weeks remaining before the 112th Congress adjourns, time is running out for wilderness! Please take a moment to watch this inspiring video of footage from the Cherokee National Forest, and then TAKE ACTION!. The video features a cameo from our business supporters at the Tellico Kats Deli in Tellico Plains, and photos from Bill & Laura Hodge and Jerry Greer Photography.

Lawmakers: Pass the Tennessee Wilderness Act!

Back on August 21, 2012 Tennessee's largest daily paper, The Tennessean published a hard hitting editorial entitled 'Tennessee Wilderness Act could make even Congress look good.' This piece took Congress to task for their inability to get anything done, and suggested that they could "get their mojo back" by passing the "no-brainer" Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2011.  We couldn't agree more!

Checkout this brand new video put together by our partners at The WIlderness Society.

Confessions of a Tennessee Wild intern by St. Thomas LeDoux

When I first came to Tennessee Wild as an intern, I never fancied myself as the lobbying type. I was okay advocating for Lamar Alexander's Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2011 in my community and on my campus, but I was somewhat averse to the idea of actually taking on the duty of lobbying Congress in Washington, D.C..

Time is running out for Wilderness!

Very important! Time is running out for some two-dozen wilderness bills pending in Congress, including the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2011 (S.1090). Together, these pieces of legislation would safeguard more than 2 million acres of our nation’s most amazing wild places, including 19,556 acres in Tennessee.

Please join us in urging our senators and representatives to take up these conservation measures before they adjourn.

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