Changes in the world are the outcome of human self-development

Recently, all people have noticed the unnatural behavior of our planet, which has an adverse effect on life. Yet not everyone knows the reason for this.

In our lives, we eat, work, sleep, and rest regularly. It’s a natural law for all the people on our planet. These activities are not strange and illegal, but we must ask ourselves what kind of a world would be ideal for us. It’s hardly a world full of exhaust, debris, lack of solar energy, oxygen. It is certainly not a world that suffers from natural disasters, disease, and accidents.

I agree with that. Every person on the planet would like to wake up in the morning from the bright sunlight and the singing of birds, not from the noise of cars, the abnormal cold, or the extreme heat. In addition, each of us wants to go to work through a park or a square that is beautiful, well-groomed, and full of trees and flowers. We all want to swim in clear water and lie on the warm, pure yellow sand. Each of us wants to look at the blue sunny sky, not the gray clouds of smoke. It’s the human urge to see bright shooting stars, not complete darkness in front of you.

Each of us wants to have a lot but does not try. I have noticed that only a few of us pick up after ourselves. Few of us support the purity of streets and parks. No one thinks about the need to improve the ecology and purity of our planet. It seems to me that a small fraction of the world’s population is doing something to achieve this goal, and the rest of us are only outraged at it.

Nevertheless, we will not have to make too much effort to have in the future everything that currently exists only in our fantasies and desires. The problem is that the more comfort and comfort we provide, the lazier we become. Moreover, we rarely think about the consequences of that.

However, nature gets nervous because we don’t treat her very well. In addition, she doesn’t ask for much. All we have to do is sort garbage, reduce household waste, use organic materials, switch to solar energy and electric transport, and save water and land. All of this can be the cause and basis of the healthy and colorful lives of people on Earth.

That’s why it’s so important that we start changing ourselves to make the world a better place.