Diamond Tester App: fun and entertainment

Diamond Tester Master Machine 3d is a fun game where you can become a jewel thief who will have to be authenticated with a special tester.

Diamond Tester: general features

Diamond Tester app was developed by Zeroox Studios, which is regularly updated and expanded. In the story, the player becomes a charismatic and intelligent robber. He will need to break into various buildings, offices, and vaults to steal precious objects. Diamond Tester is not just a game, but also a collection of mini-games that are similar in theme and main character. Moreover, simple but fun tasks allow players to have fun and get rid of accumulated stress. Among other things, you can android app download absolutely free. Does this program make even more attractive?

You must make progress in the game by stealing as many jewelry and gems as possible. Various methods and tools are available for this purpose. The use of drones and traction beams is included in these methods. You can do whatever it takes to escape guard dogs and fight robots. Diamond Tester always offers you a wide range of activities, and you won’t be bored.

Diamond Tester only seems simple. In fact, you will have many features in this application. Moreover, you will find it difficult to orient in a variety of options. That’s why you should read the built-in user manual, which is full of clues and helps all players understand how best to act in a given situation.

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Fighting is the most powerful aspect of this program. You will enjoy those battles in which the main character will have to face the superior forces of the enemy. Making a frontal attack is not an option in this case. The reason is that in this way you risk greatly lowering the standard of living of your character. You have to run and shoot on the move, maneuver to keep it from happening. It’s all very complicated and fun.

Sites for application loading

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