Financial trading with mobile applications

Today, mobile applications have become very popular. Thanks to them, the person gets the opportunity to optimise his work activity and save money or time to achieve optimal comfort in the home. Without mobile applications, there is no functioning smartphone. Modern apps have become the most popular type of software.

In recent years, the trading of securities as an activity has significantly transformed. The development of information technologies influences trading, as well as other fields of human activity. Today, there are many relevant types of investment. Mobile trading apps are one of them. In this article, we would like to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of mobile trading. Also, we will learn the significant perspectives of its future growth.

Mobile applications and financial trading

First of all, we would like to describe the concept of trading. This is the process of buying and selling financial instruments on the stock exchange, such as currencies, options, stocks, bonds and futures. In the process of online trading, users trade financial instruments through a specialized program on their smartphones or computers. Accordingly, the user runs mobile trading using a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile financial trading has some strengths. First is free trading access and a wide range of features. For example, a bidder can participate in trading without using a desktop computer and even without having a direct presence in an organization. Today, trading mobile apps are developing pretty intensely, and they are allowing users to regularly update the prices of those financial instruments that are preferred for them.

There are some weaknesses of mobile trading, too. Among them is the complexity of the process of analyzing price charts. It is not so comfortable when it is on the screen of a smartphone, unlike a desktop computer. This device gives the user a tremendous visual overview. At the same time, the user can operate the software without difficulty since he uses a computer mouse and keyboard. The smartphone or tablet screen does not give users such convenient tools.

The best applications for financial trading

Mobile application for trading
Mobile app for trading

There are many optimal and modern programs that allow users to conduct financial trading in a mobile format. Among the best mobile trading apps in Russia are:

  • Tinkoff Investments;
  • ВТБ Investments;
  • Sberbank Investor;
  • Opening Broker;
  • BCS Investment World;

Each of these tools gives users complete freedom to trade on the stock exchange. With these tools, the user can always get up-to-date information about the current value of his assets, learn price charts for each financial instrument and take advantage of analytics tools of the current market situation, as well as he may use forecasts and recommendations on the most promising deals.


Modern technology improves every day. Also, they give the world of financial trading qualitatively new tools for implementing activities. We would like to note that the development of mobile trading depends on the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence research. Robotic advisors have become a valuable tool in many mobile programs for online trading, as trading robots can make transactions instead of account owners. It is an automated process that simplifies the financial trading system and transforms it into a structure corresponding to the realities of the modern digital world.