Mobile application performance optimization for online casino platforms

Computer games have technically proven to be one of the most resource-intensive phenomena in web technology. For this reason, there are often problems when participating in games using low-powered and memory-constrained mobile devices. So the task of optimising the performance of mobile applications is quite acute.

Of course, this problem is purely pragmatic. Suppose a game on a smartphone or tablet slows down and freezes. In that case, it worsens the user experience, decreasing customer engagement and interest in cooperating with online casinos.

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The online slot Jet X betting game works equally well and smoothly on all types of devices, including low-power, low-budget smartphones, common in countries with relatively low per capita income.

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Key areas of mobile game performance optimization

Since working with performance is a technical task, everything starts with analyzing the application’s resource consumption in all the main directions. As a result of testing, you can see on the diagrams the very holes and gateways through which the processor’s hardware resource is wasted in the first place. However, we already know from experience the most consuming aspects of a mobile application.

First of all, excessively detailed graphics on a mobile device hurt performance:

  1. You should replace all high-quality photographic images with symbolic ones. The human brain works so that even if the image lacks some details, the full image with all necessary aspects will be perceived. Therefore, it is quite possible to neglect unimportant details. The brain will draw them up by itself.
  2. Full display of all pictures; often, pictures are superimposed on each other. In these superimposed parts, leaving only the lines of any image is quite possible. Such a method is used in Dolby Surround stereo sound technology. To reduce the amount of data, some parts of the sound pieces are simply removed, although the listener will hear the full sound with the help of his brain,
  3. Repeated drawing of images and their contours is also a frequent phenomenon in online games.

Careful elaboration on these items will make the application and the game much faster and easier. Another point related to graphics is complicated controls. On a small mobile display, it is completely redundant and does not play any positive role in the user experience. Completely simple symbolic icons in the control system are enough for the user to experience all the necessary convenience in manipulation.

What other things besides graphics can be optimized in a mobile app to improve performance?

Such a completely simple but often non-obvious point is using caching wherever possible. Why offload from the internet time after time? What is used frequently? For example, this applies to fonts, which are usually unusual, non-standard, and, therefore, quite heavy in online games. Graphically complex fonts may well be used from the cache:

  1. Setting up data compression of both images and scripts.
  2. Games often use an external database, and there is quite a serious exchange of information in both directions. Here, it is necessary to use all available methods of optimization.
  3. Cleaning and optimising program code. Rubbish code is also a significant obstacle in the application’s work.

Tests and process monitoring accompany all performance optimization activities. Software for automating optimization tasks is still imperfect, and human error cannot be ruled out either. Therefore, performance testing is performed literally after each manipulation.


The final stage is testing the application on all the most popular mobile platforms and device types. It may turn out that the application will work quickly and well on Android smartphones, while it will be worse on gadgets of other brands. The challenge is providing all target audience segments equally high-quality service.

Millions of people worldwide would not create bet Jet X login in online casinos and spend many hours in the repeated rounds of jet flight if there were the slightest obstacles and delays in the game slot. If a gamer is initially set up for a dynamic game and fast bets, it would simply be impossible to tolerate if, at the moment of withdrawal before the aircraft explosion, the smartphone would suddenly slow down due to performance loss. Yes, and from the side, customers would immediately raise claims to the administration of the online casino and demand to return the lost money because there was a technical problem due to the service provider’s fault.

Similarly, in mastering a slot machine on the Jet X demo platform, even before registering at an online casino, if a user were to encounter poor performance of the game and application, it would most likely lead to cancellation of registration. Consequently, the casino would have lost revenue and a possible loyal customer.

As you can understand from all of the above, the high performance of the mobile app is critical for the gaming business at all stages. Including unacceptable failures in the application, for example, during the wagering of cash and free spins received from the registration bonus code Jet X.