Nature is our life

Life on planet Earth is beautiful. We live in a world surrounded by green forests, wonderful rivers, beautiful lakes, mountains, seas, clean streams, marvelous meadows, their animal and plant world, and singing birds. Man is also a part of nature. Nevertheless, at the same time, it is the man who does the most damage and damage to nature.

In today’s world, there are many global and planetary problems. The biggest one is pollution. Our rivers are polluted by chemical waste. That’s why fish, insects, crayfish, and shellfish are disappearing. Our air has grown to contain hundreds of tons of car exhaust. Factories are emitting emissions into the atmosphere.

Deforestation has become another big problem of modern humankind. We have begun to plant little trees. Nevertheless, every tree has to grow for years. Drought is the reason that forests burn, and it’s humanity that causes these droughts. It’s also our fault that animals, birds, and plants are disappearing from Earth.

People have to think and look around them. If we decide to stop harming nature, we can rehabilitate it. Nature is what made us. It gives us all the conditions for an effective biological life. Nature gives us air, by food, and even clothes. Nature asks nothing in return.

We must remember that nature is dying and asking for our attention and help. It actually speaks to us when we walk along the forest paths and look at beautiful rivers and mountains, and even when we walk on the streets of the city. The only way we can change the current environmental situation is if we engage in conservation. We must all understand that the basis of our lives is the achievement of harmony with our environment.