The most environmentally polluted city in the world

There are several cities on our planet that could potentially take a place under the name «The most environmentally polluted city in the world». Among them is the pride that is in China. The reason is that there are the biggest factories on Earth. Combined with extensive mining, this has led to some cities becoming a veritable dump. India is the second most heavily polluted city after China.

Global cities with bad environmental

  • We can call China’s Linfeng the dirtiest city in the world. Interesting fact: once this place had the name «city of fruits and flowers». Now that name can only be used as dark humor. At the end of 1970, in this city, there were huge deposits of coal, after which the Chinese started very active processing this. No Chinese is going to dry their clothes on the balcony, for example, because they become covered in soot after a couple of hours. The smell of burning coal here is natural to the residents as it is contained in all objects of the city. That makes Linfeng a real dump.
  • Faridabad. This Indian millionaire city is renowned for being the center of the world in automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, tractors and refrigerators, as well as hens and tires. As a result, there are catastrophic levels of industrial waste, emissions, and road traffic congestion. People burn garbage in landfills and it is causing the smoke to plunge the whole city into a cloud, and a suburb too. It is worth mentioning that one of the dirtiest rivers in India, such as the Yamuna, flows through Faridabad. Local factories are pouring tons of toxic waste there, and ordinary residents are throwing household refuse into the river. However, some people swim there and even drink water from that river.
  • Agbogbloshi. It’s in West Africa in Ghana. Today, it’s home to the world’s largest household appliance dump. Every year, people dump more than 220,000 tons of damaged machinery into this dump. This includes hundreds of thousands of hazardous wastes, of which lead is a major environmental hazard.

We should also mention cities such as Sumgait in Azerbaijan, Chernobyl in Ukraine, Kabwe in Zambia, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Dzershinsk in Russia, La Oroya in Peru, and Beirut in Lebanon.