Wang VPN: the New Nature of the Internet

Surfing the Internet is no longer as free and safe as it used to be. This means that now users who want to visit websites without feeling restricted and without worrying that someone might track them or steal their personal information have to install VPN programs on their PCs and smartphones. A useful software called Wang VPN has been developed specifically for Android-based mobile devices.

What is Wang VPN?

Wang VPN is a mobile utility for Android that provides users with virtual private network services to access limited internet resources. Wang VPN Android app download is completely free. The application easily solves the problem with security and freedom, since no one can track the activity of Internet users if they are using a VPN.


Wang VPN is a useful tool if you need to overcome government censorship in any country. The app also allows you to avoid geographical restrictions and prohibitions related to the copyrights of any website or application. Wang VPN provides its users with access to multiple virtual private networks around the world. The list of countries with their servers includes the USA, Japan, India, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, and others.

In the application, users can see the parameters of the Internet connection. They can also monitor the stability of the connection and the possible delay in the exchange of data with the remote server. If users have any difficulties and they cannot choose the best connection option, then they can entrust the choice of the server to the program that will do this automatically by selecting the most optimal option at the moment.

Program Interface

Although the utility is easy to use and has few settings, it is very effective. It can even help you set the time you spend on the Internet or, for example, choose which applications on your mobile phone to connect via VPN.

The interface may contain spelling and grammatical errors, but this does not affect the operation of the utility in any way. The interface is very simple and intuitive, so everyone can easily understand it.

In its functionality, Wang VPN is similar to many other VPN applications. And while Wang VPN lacks some details to ensure the security and speed of services, remember that the app is completely free and contains almost no advertising. This is its main advantage over its competitors since few people are willing to pay for using a VPN.

Wang VPN features

  1. Simple and intuitive interface.
  2. A fairly large list of servers.
  3. The application is free.
  4. The app is compatible with current Android versions.

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